During the First World War over half a million soldiers trained on Cannock Chase, among them J.R.R.Tolkien, creator of “The Lord of the Rings”2015-01-22 13.26.33 and many other tales. Whilst he was at Brocton Camp or walking to visit his wife in nearby Great Haywood he had time to develop his ideas for Middle Earth, and many local landmarks can be teased from his writings: the photo shows his Grey Bridge of Tavrobel from the Book of Lost Tales, some parts of which reflected his time in the trenches of the Somme battlefield. Later he stayed at nearby Gipsy Green and his pen gave birth to “The Hobbit”.

Now you can follow in some of his footsteps around Great Haywood where he and Edith lived and enjoyed walking together. The brand new Trail will open a doorway into his world – how far you go once you have set foot through it is up to you, but there is a lifetime of discovery about the great man and his life in the area for you to experience.

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